My intentions of this blog are to of course showcase my talents but also to encourage others to bake! I want to show people that you do not have to attend a culinary arts school (if you do, that is obviously great!) to be successful in the baking business. You do not need super expensive equipment or a large oven to get wonderful and professional looking results. I have been in this business for a few years and I have learned so much without taking one class! And I want to share with you what I have learned.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cupcakes & Cupcake Stands!

I have had the chance to create two cupcake stands in the past and I love them. You can be as creative as you want to with these to match a theme for a party, wedding, baby shower, etc.  You can really show you creativity with these by decorating then with various ribbons, stickers, figurines, etc. I use the Wilton cupcake stands which are like $5.99 at A.C. Moore o Michaels. They take about 5-10 minutes to assemble but make sure if you have tape if you are using these please.

 I made a stand for my 21st birthday cupcakes last year. I decided to have a BBQ and found these cute Zebra Print & Pink invitations and paper goods to match in Target. I love animal print, giraffe print the best but they didn't have any of that in the store, so I purchased it all. I ordered these cute "21" birthday picks from some website and found some animal print candles (they're not in the pic) along with some cupcake liners to match the theme as well. I made 24 pink and zebra print cupcakes using pink dyed icing and black and white fondant, which were pretty neat. So it would only be right for the stand to match the theme. I found some pink and zebra print ribbon at the craft store and simply wrapped each layer. I put the zebra print on 1st since it was thicker and then the thin strip of pink and secured it all with tape. Oh how easy this was to put together and everyone loved the presentation and the cupcakes.

I also made one this year for someone's senior prom. Her colors were black and white so I made a stand using black and white ribbon and black and white rose cupcakes to match. I used black and white polka dot ribbon on the top and bottom rows and a sheer white for the middle row adorned with a black and white polka dot ribbon. I actually made 2 identical stands to fit 48 cupcakes. I wish that the ribbon was a bit more elegant but this is ribbon that I had lying around the house so I didn't have to purchase any extra! But they turned out beautiful anyway.

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