My intentions of this blog are to of course showcase my talents but also to encourage others to bake! I want to show people that you do not have to attend a culinary arts school (if you do, that is obviously great!) to be successful in the baking business. You do not need super expensive equipment or a large oven to get wonderful and professional looking results. I have been in this business for a few years and I have learned so much without taking one class! And I want to share with you what I have learned.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Homeade Ice Cream Cake

So here is an ice cream cake that I made for my little sister for her 19th birthday last year (2011). She is sooo special because she is a Christmas baby, born on Christmas Day! This was my first time ever attempting to make an ice cream cake and it was beyond successful in my eyes. She absolutely loved the design and loved the taste even better! I had to work pretty quickly in order to avoid melting.
 I did a layer of vanilla pound cake at the bottom and then a layer of cookies and cream ice cream and then vanilla icing on top of that. I used 9 inch pans for both the cake and ice cream. I lined one of the pans with plastic wrap and filled it with the ice cream. I froze this for about 5 hours, until it was pretty solid. While the ice cream was freezing I baked the layer of cake and allowed it to cool off. Once it was cool I placed the ice cream layer on top and quickly iced the cake and threw it back in the freezer until I decided how I would decorate the cake. My writing is a bit sloppy but is now much better. This was a really good 1st try I believe.

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